1LDKで絶大な人気を誇るイギリス発のブランド、STUDIO NICHOLSON
「STUDIO」と題したPOP-UP SHOPが、東京・青山にあるEAT ME GALLERYにて10月26~29日の四日間開催された。

STUDIO NICHOLSON brand from UK, which is very popular even at 1LDK.
POP-UP SHOP entitled “STUDIO” was held at EAT ME GALLERY in Aoyama, Tokyo, for four days from October 26th to 29th.

December 1, 2017


この度、STUDON NICHOLSONは2017 A/W シーズンより、待望のメンズコレクションをローンチ。Charlie Mellorをメンズのプロダクトディレクターとして新たに迎えた。

会場には、今シーズンのメンズ、ウィメンズコレクションがラインナップされており、デザイナーであるNick Wakeman、Charlie Mellorがゲストをもてなしていた。

STUDON NICHOLSON finally launched its mens collection from the 2017 A/W season. Charlie Mellor was newly accepted as a product director of men.

A selection of the 2017 A/W Men’s and women’s collections was available, and designers Nick Wakeman and Charlie Mellor hosted their guests.

今回のPOP-UP STOREでは、日本ではあまり展開のないイギリスのデニムメーカーBLACKHORSE LANE ATELIERSや、アイウェアブランドのGeneral Eyewear、ナチュラルコスメブランドのHaeckelsとのNICHOLSONコラボレーションアイテムが会場限定発売された。

In this POP-UP STORE, there were very limited STUDIO NICHOLSON item designed in collaboration with the British denim manufacturer “BLACKHORSE LANE ATELIERS” and eyewear brand “General Eyewear”,which were sold only for this event. Haeckels of Margate, the natural fragrance and skincare brand, shared the space and offered the opportunity to buy from their interior fragrance collection.


Nick mentions about her first mens collection.
“My favorite clothes were always men’s tailor clothing, and what I always wanted to wear was men’s clothes. I had a strong feeling towards men’s clothes because I have designed men’s tailor clothing before, and approached a masculine point of view for factor like silhouettes and details etc. Our men’s wear, which is produced at the same time as the design of the ladies, is carefully designed and provides coordination architecturally.
The collection of ladies and men looks like a mirror look of different sizes at first glance but it is actually a completely different. Even though it looks like the same design wear using the same fabric, women’s ladies and men’s patterns of men are used each pattern. It is by no means genderless. “




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Designer NICK WAKEMAN(ニックウェイクマン)により2011S/S Collectionよりブランドスタート。