titleOctober is here and so are the autumn arrivals!

It’s getting colder here in Paris, the average weekly temperature is now around 16 degrees. The city will be getting ready for Christmas shortly, and it’s gotten a little quieter after women’s fashion week last month.

Here are a few accessories that we have received recently that are ideal for this time of the year, be it for yourself or someone else.

100% Cashmere Beanies by UNIVERSAL PRODUCTS



LC belt


Aquvii Zipbagzipbag

Come and have a look at them  in our store.

Thank you for your visit, until the next time.


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titleNew arrivals from Comoli

Let us introduce you to the new arrivals for this AW17 season from Comoli.


Shoes: Patrick



Wool Collar Cardigan


Cottom Flanner Shirt


Skipper Shirt


Come and try them on in our store.

The European Vintage Sunglasses Pop-Up in on until 7 th Oct!

Thank you for your visit, until the next time.


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1LDK PARISはヨーロッパヴィンテージサングラスポップアップ開催にあたって、パリを拠点に活動をしているヴィンテージブランド Rayon Specialとコラボレーションを行いました。









 9月26日(火)〜10月7日 (土)


月 – 土  12:00 – 20:00


16 Rue de la Sourdière, 75001 Paris

 Thank you for your visit, until the next time.


1LDK PARIS Instagram


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title1LDK PARIS European Vintage Sunglasses POP-UP – Interview with Yoan

Yoan Dahan was born and raised in the city’s Le Marais district. A true Parisian, the 28 year old has been a collector of European vintage sunglasses for the past 3 years and is now launching his own line of eyewear, Rayon Special (Instagram @rayonspecial). We caught up with Yoan to speak to him about his background and upcoming projects.

What made you decide to start collecting vintage sunglasses? 
First of all, I would like to thank the 1LDK team for giving me the opportunity to show my work during Paris Fashion Week. My academic background is in design studies, initially in France before moving to England. I wouldn’t describe myself as a collector, I prefer the term of “selector”, to showcase my point of view. I am not collecting just because I love eyeglasses; I am collecting to show a direction and my interpretation of iconic styles from the past that are relevant in the present. I am very interested in how objects and products are made, their details, the level of complexity behind them to get to their essence, uncovering a kind of simplicity in their purest form. It is very surprising when you see just how sophisticated sunglasses are from the 1940’s, 50’s and 60’s. For my new collection I am playing around with classic frames from this era. I hope that it will be ready from the beginning of next year.

How many frames do you have in your collection? Can you foresee yourself stopping collecting?

My collection (or selection) is around 100 pieces, however it takes time to finding, restoring and showcasing them to the world! I don’t know if I will stop one day, maybe I cease to find any frames I find interesting… let’s see.


Is there any specific era/type/origin of vintage eyeglasses you are into?

I personally prefer eyeglasses from the 1940’s and 1950’s. French and American styles are my favourite. During the 1950’s in the USA, a company called Shuron designed very elegant shapes reminiscent of Art Deco. The “Marilyn” on my website is a good example of this. I also like ones from Germany, especially those from Marwitz, very Mad Men, iconic and easy to wear.


Are there any memorable pairs you have in your collection?

Yes, 3 pairs come to mind. First is a French frame, the same model that Yves Saint Laurent wore at the beginning of his career. They’re a gold filled frame with brown acetate circles, very Sixties!

– Second is a frame that came from the USA. They’re for the kind of woman who drives a Cadillac Eldorado! Cat-like eyes with a very elegant acetate and a gold filled frame, a must!

– Finally I have a very classic and iconic model that comes from the 1930’s. A very simple, round double gold filled frame with a soft end arm to fit perfectly, very much the forefather to the style that John Lennon is synonymous with.


How do the materials and manufacturing techniques on vintage frames differ compared to contemporary acetate frames? Has much changed?

Well, when you look at vintage frames, it seems like every aspect of their design has been done to make them strong and resilient. You can feel this through their weight as well as the sensation when you close the arms. It’s very noticeable through the arms and holding the frames, they feel sturdier and much more solid. Today production has changed a lot, products have a very short life and you can see this when you examine a frame’s hinges or screws. No longer are the majority of eyeglasses a locally made, artisanal product, instead they are mass produced by machines in large scale factories. 


The city of Sabae in Japan has been home to eyewear production for over 100 years, and has around 50 manufacturers based there. Is there anywhere in Europe similar?


In France we have the famous region of Morez located in the Jura. This is where the French savoir- faire for eyewear began, in 1796. Today, when you want to do a quality frame that is made in France, Morez is the place to go. 


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1LDK PARIS will be hosting an European Vintage Sunglasses POP-UP from 26 September to 7 October 2017. All sunglasses are provided by Rayon Special, Parisian vintage eyeglasses brand and 37 pieces will be showcased in store! Come and try them on in our store.


9/26 -から10/7までの11日間、1LDK PARIS店にてヨーロッパ製ヴィンテージサングラスのポップアップを開催いたします。今回取り扱われるサングラスはパリの Rayon Specialというヴィンテージアイウェアに特化したブランドによって提供されます。37点店頭で販売されますので、お近くまでお越しの際には、ぜひお立ち寄りください。

 Thank you for your visit, until the next time.


1LDK PARIS Instagram


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titleASICS Gel-Mai arrived in our Paris store.

We are happy to announce that we are now stocking ASICS for AW17.


First to arrive in store is the ASICS Gel-Mai. It comes in 2 colourways: Carbon/Carbon and Blue/Black. 

The Gel-Mai sneakers from ASICS Tiger were originally launched in the late 90’s as a performance running shoe. The design stood out with its asymmetrical lacing on the upper allowing an ergonomic, supportive fir across the forefoot and at the ankles, the utilisation of ASICS’ latest gel technology for lightweight cushioning, and that lateral posterior logo positioning in the midsole.


Years ahead of their time, almost 20 years later, the shoes look ultra modern and offer unbeatable comfort. You don’t even feel like you’re wearing shoes!

Come and try them on in our store.


Thank you for your visit, until the next time.



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We are happy to announce our further reduction up to 50% off.

Take advantage of our last round of price reductions!!



La deuxième démarque des soldes jusqu’a 50% off.

Ne les ratez pas !

Opening hours: Monday – Saturday 12-8pm

Thank you for your visit, until the next time.


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We are happy to announce that throughout July we will be open Mondays.

Opening hours: Monday – Saturday 12-8pm

We have started Summer Sale, see you in store!


Thank you for your visit, until the next time.



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1LDK Paris will host a pop-up event with Parisian menswear brand Ancor running from Wednesday 21st June to Saturday 1st July. The brand will be showcasing its SS18 collection at the store until Thursday 22nd June, where visitors will be able to purchase the SS17/AW17 collection until 1st July.

The opening launch will be held at Paris store on Thursday 22nd June from 18:00 – 21:00. The event has teamed up with Parisian brewery Gallia, who will be providing refreshments.
We look forward to seeing you at 16 Rue de la Sourdière on Thursday!
Instagram: @1ldk_paris @ancor_paris


6 月21日 (水)から7 月 1日 (土)まで 1LDK PARIS 店でフランスのメンズウェアブランドANCORとの POP-UPイベントを開催いたします。17AW、 18SSの先行お披露目会も兼ねております。
22日 (木) 18:00  – 21:00にはオープニングイベントを行います。当日はパリのクラフトビールブランド Galliaをご用意してみなさまのご来店をお待ちしております 。
OPENING: 22 JUNE 18:00 – 21:00
16 Rue de la Sourdière  75001 Paris
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titleBonne fête des Pères !

“Bonne fête des Pères !”

“Our present suggestions for Father’s Day”

Fathers Day in French is called  fête des Pères and its on Sunday 18th June this year.

How to be a good to be a good son or daughter? It’s an age old question, and there is no easy answer. That being said, this Sunday we can help you to put a smile on your dads face, with some of our favourite products of late. 

1. Melt

Melt is a French brand that specialises in scarves. It is run by Emma Garcin and Jeanne Biehn Sall, former designers for luxury fashion brands Yohji Yamamoto, Dries Van Noten and Hermès. Their high-quality scarves are woven by hand in Nepal; the colour of  dye is extremely beautiful.


2. Canton Overalls

You can find our previous article about this legendary Japanese denim brand from here. We have in stock their 1963-502 jacket, which is based on the classic “Type 2” from the late fifties, as well as their jeans. Sizes start from womens and go up to mens, ideal for fathers of all sizes! Your dad will definitely be impressed by the quality, we promise!



3. Leon Flam

Leon Flam is a French leather goods and accessories brand founded in 1924 here in Paris. They are famous for their history and craftsmanship. Their sturdy travel bag in canvas makes a great holiday companion. 


4. Velva Sheen and Healthknit

No man can ever have enough t-shirts. Originally hailing from the USA, Velva Sheen and Healthknit have both produced collaboration pieces with UNIVERSAL PRODUCTS, both coming in a handy 2-pack. What makes them so great is their shape, softness, quality and durability.They’re also the perfect weight and can be worn as an undershirt or as a standalone t-shirt.  Highly recommended!




We have more gift suggestions for Father’s Day, please come and check in our store.

We also do gift wrapping.

Thank you for your visit, until the next time.


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