1LDK Paris will host a pop-up event with Parisian menswear brand Ancor running from Wednesday 21st June to Saturday 1st July. The brand will be showcasing its SS18 collection at the store until Thursday 22nd June, where visitors will be able to purchase the SS17/AW17 collection until 1st July.

The opening launch will be held at Paris store on Thursday 22nd June from 18:00 – 21:00. The event has teamed up with Parisian brewery Gallia, who will be providing refreshments.
We look forward to seeing you at 16 Rue de la Sourdière on Thursday!
Instagram: @1ldk_paris @ancor_paris


6 月21日 (水)から7 月 1日 (土)まで 1LDK PARIS 店でフランスのメンズウェアブランドANCORとの POP-UPイベントを開催いたします。17AW、 18SSの先行お披露目会も兼ねております。
22日 (木) 18:00  – 21:00にはオープニングイベントを行います。当日はパリのクラフトビールブランド Galliaをご用意してみなさまのご来店をお待ちしております 。
OPENING: 22 JUNE 18:00 – 21:00
16 Rue de la Sourdière  75001 Paris
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titleBonne fête des Pères !

“Bonne fête des Pères !”

“Our present suggestions for Father’s Day”

Fathers Day in French is called  fête des Pères and its on Sunday 18th June this year.

How to be a good to be a good son or daughter? It’s an age old question, and there is no easy answer. That being said, this Sunday we can help you to put a smile on your dads face, with some of our favourite products of late. 

1. Melt

Melt is a French brand that specialises in scarves. It is run by Emma Garcin and Jeanne Biehn Sall, former designers for luxury fashion brands Yohji Yamamoto, Dries Van Noten and Hermès. Their high-quality scarves are woven by hand in Nepal; the colour of  dye is extremely beautiful.


2. Canton Overalls

You can find our previous article about this legendary Japanese denim brand from here. We have in stock their 1963-502 jacket, which is based on the classic “Type 2” from the late fifties, as well as their jeans. Sizes start from womens and go up to mens, ideal for fathers of all sizes! Your dad will definitely be impressed by the quality, we promise!



3. Leon Flam

Leon Flam is a French leather goods and accessories brand founded in 1924 here in Paris. They are famous for their history and craftsmanship. Their sturdy travel bag in canvas makes a great holiday companion. 


4. Velva Sheen and Healthknit

No man can ever have enough t-shirts. Originally hailing from the USA, Velva Sheen and Healthknit have both produced collaboration pieces with UNIVERSAL PRODUCTS, both coming in a handy 2-pack. What makes them so great is their shape, softness, quality and durability.They’re also the perfect weight and can be worn as an undershirt or as a standalone t-shirt.  Highly recommended!




We have more gift suggestions for Father’s Day, please come and check in our store.

We also do gift wrapping.

Thank you for your visit, until the next time.


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titlePA PACK paper tote bag by kiruna

“PA PACK paper tote bag by kiruna” 

“a tote bag made of special Japanese paper”

unnamed-4We have just stocked kiruna’s PA PACK paper tote bags. PA PACK is a collaboration between the bag brand kiruna and Japanese paper maker Onao Co., Ltd. from Yamanashi prefecture, who has been manufacturing paper there for over forty years.They created a special Japanese paper called “Naoron”, made from wood pulp and polyolefin fibre. It has the softness and subtlety of paper, yet with the added advantage of being water resistant and durable. The tradition of Japanese paper manufacturing and the technology of developing modern material is very contemporary and unique approach for practical, everyday life.unnamed-7They are availbale for 3 colour patterns, please come to see it in store. They also make an ideal gift.

Thank you for your visit, until the next time.

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title1LDK x thermo mug collaboration mobile tumbler

“1LDK x thermo mug collaboration mobile tumbler” 

“Keep your drink hot/cold all day” 


We have just received the 1LDK x thermo mug collaboration Mobile tumbler in our Paris store. Thermo mug  is a Japanese brand famous for their super functional, stylish and portable drinks bottles.


The exclusive mug adopts a rich navy colour with a satin finish. The 300 ml capacity has been custom made for 1LDK and is designed to be portable for your everyday life.


A double layer wall ensures so that condensation on the sides isn’t an issue. Naturally the tumblr keeps your hot drink warm all day but also perfect keeping cold drinks chilled as well, especially if using one or two ice cubes. Our suggestion would be putting one or two ice cubes inside, which is what we recommend.


This highly functional, ecological and stylish vessel would be your best company all year along. Please come and see it in our store.


Thank you for your visit, until the next time.

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“Little white flowers for your loved ones” 


Today, 1st May is Labour Day/May Day. Here in France, it is called La Fête du MuguetLa Fête du Travail and is a public holiday to celebrate workers’ rights. It is also a day to present lily-of-the-valley flowers to loved ones.


In addition to receiving flowers, new UNIVERSAL PRODUCTS baseball caps from Tokyo have arrived. They come in 3 colours: black, navy and khaki, featuring the iconic “man” logo embroidered on the front.


The smooth and silky finish works with any kind of style.  It has an adjustable strap at the back.



Please come and try it on in our store.

Thank you for your visit, until the next time.

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“Vans Authentic in premium white harako leather” 


 Vans and UNIVERSAL PRODUCTS have produced a limited edition Authentic sneaker.


They have now arrived in our Paris store, and is the only shop in Europe you can get them. The sizes come in EU 37 to 44 for both women and men.


The white sneakers combine a premium harako leather base with a white pony hair upper. The Authentic is a comfortable, versatile sneaker and the premium upper gives it a sophisticated look.


Comes with an exclusive canvas tote bag. Please come and try it on in our store.

Thank you for your visit, until the next time.

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Take a look at Thomas Mason x UNIVERSAL PRODUCTS shirts arrived from Tokyo.

Thomas Mason was founded in England in 1796, gaining a reputation for the quality of their fabrics, eventually becoming an exclusive fabric supplier for the British Royal Family.

Today the brand is based in Italy, creating new collections inspired by their archives combined with a contemporary British edge and an Italian sartorial taste.

We would love you to visit to feel and touch the fabric in person. We are adamant that you will feel the exceptional quality of the shirts.

Our collaboration shirts are designed to be a versatile piece for everyday wear. Featuring a looser silhouette, our cut adds a modern take to their classic shirts.

Thank you for your visit, until the next time.

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“The POP-UP of  Japanese Denim Brand CANTON®OVERALLS revival of the legendary XX Denim. “

CANTONⓇ produced the very 1st Japan made Jeans in 1963

CANTONⓇ is a pioneer Jeans brand based in Japan – making Jeans with imported genuine U.S. made material and using the UNION SPECIAL sewing machine.They are authentic in every single detail with their TALON zips and SCOVILL rivets.

In 2008, around half a century, CANTONⓇ changed their brand name to CANTON OVERALLSⓇ to make a fresh start.Clothing needs to be seen as a daily tool based on work wear. Pursuing practicality leads to user-friendly ideas, removing unnecessary details and thus creating unique designs and specs.This will definitely become a good tool to be passed on to the next generation.This is the sprit of the former CANTONⓇ, and we make our clothing based on this philosophy.

About XX Denim
XX Denim (Double-X Denim) stands for denim produced by two US textile companies, Amoskeag and Cone Mills, from the late 1800s till 1960s. The stream of technical innovations in the 20th century left a tremendous impact on the textile industry, bringing forward various generations of XX denims with different appearances and textures. The existing, unwashed fabrics called “Dead” have also developed different looks depending on storage environments across the ages.

FullSizeRender 2

We 1LDK PARIS are luckily having an opportunity to bring the legendary first Japanese denim brand to our store. It is not just only the ages they have had but during half of the century they have spent, they were experiencing the invention and evolution  in their work.

IMG_7818FullSizeRender 4 FullSizeRender 3


FullSizeRender_3 welcome to our online store click the link below!


Dear Customers,

Thank you for your visit to our store 1LDK PARIS.


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“Winter is Over” 

“Let’s grab some cheese and baguette and go out! It’s a time for the picnic!”
image1 (7)A bottle of Bordeaux, a crispy baguette, some fresh fruit, a piece of cheese, and some cool outfit for the special ocations.
image6image2 (3)


We always need to be careful for the beginning of the spring, It is true that it’s getting brighter but there are some chilled air left over from the winter. it is very important to have some extra warmer on the top. Scarf, Sweaters, or Beanies etc. are always good idea to take it with you. Especially If you have the items that is special and different with others which attracts others!

Like “MELT” the scarf brand that I introduces you in the previous blog or wool beanies from kaptain sunshine, Sweaters from Universal products will be perfect items you can have!

tomorrow is Sunday, I heard the weather will be perfect from the weather forecast. Why don’t we try to get up bit early to enjoy Sunday picnic!

have a nice week end!

 welcome to our online store click the link below!


Dear Customers,

Thank you for your visit to our store 1LDK PARIS.


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titlelet’s get “MELT”ed.

“The scarf makes you feel “MELT”ed

Melt the French Hand woven scarf brand producing in Katmanduon traditional Nepal wooden looms.

image2 (1)-The Brand “MELT” Founder, Emma Garcin and Jeanne Biehn Sall, The friendship since they were 10 years old. Two young women trained in Paris at the prestigious fashion houses. Emma worked at Hermès and Jeanne spent six years at Yohji Yamamoto. Emma, She was image1 (6) image2 (2)sent to Nepal to work in a cashmere factory.  After she spent working as an internship for 8 months. She opened her workshop with her colleague Tara Paneru. Also at the same time she gathered up with Jeanne to produce the high quality, fringed scarves. They wanted to all produce in Nepal and there is a message behind “We wanted to manage it our way – to do something human, to help people” by Emma Garcin… When the concept was settled, that was the time the “MELT” was found.

Nepal is not a country which has all wealthy people.  but there are a lot of good people with warm heart, beautiful city with beautiful culture and beautiful work. Hand weaving is one of that.

Each of their scarves they name,  eg. Arnico, Rishi or Indira Devi etc… all of their products are handmade, hand-woven, hand-stitched, and hand- dyed. and  that requires a variety of skills. They want to show “the customer that some some was behind each scarf and that everything is done by hand” emma said. and by giving a name to each scarf, they hope that the message will be delivered to the customers.

image1 (5)


Please note that between 14h-15h we are closed for lunch break.

Dear Customers,

Thank you for your visit to our store 1LDK PARIS.





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