“Winter is Over” 

“Let’s grab some cheese and baguette and go out! It’s a time for the picnic!”
image1 (7)A bottle of Bordeaux, a crispy baguette, some fresh fruit, a piece of cheese, and some cool outfit for the special ocations.
image6image2 (3)


We always need to be careful for the beginning of the spring, It is true that it’s getting brighter but there are some chilled air left over from the winter. it is very important to have some extra warmer on the top. Scarf, Sweaters, or Beanies etc. are always good idea to take it with you. Especially If you have the items that is special and different with others which attracts others!

Like “MELT” the scarf brand that I introduces you in the previous blog or wool beanies from kaptain sunshine, Sweaters from Universal products will be perfect items you can have!

tomorrow is Sunday, I heard the weather will be perfect from the weather forecast. Why don’t we try to get up bit early to enjoy Sunday picnic!

have a nice week end!

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